Client Testimonials


Heather and the HPC team are experts in the affiliate space. They delivered immediately and exactly what they promised – helping us structure and scale our program, resulting in a major influx of quality traffic and sales. We are glad to have found an agency that really cares and continually grows this channel and our brand. Heather and her team are always lighting quick to reply with quality and insightful recommendations to drive results. They are amazing on follow through and provide a bridge of understanding between all parties involved.

They continually illustrate their expertise within the Affiliate industry through their proactive approach to affiliate management and their knowledge of the many opportunities for growth. We enjoy working with them and are continually impressed by their transparent approach to partnering. I 100% recommend with confidence that anyone who wants to win at affiliate marketing, work with HPC!




Sean Kelly


Toronto: 647 969-1155

San Diego: 858 413-7840









As an affiliate, it's always a pleasure to work with a personable affiliate professional like yourself Heather and I appreciate your ability to promote your clients on the basis of the synergy with the affiliate's focus and direction, rather than on the typical “highest payouts, best offers” generic approach that I see too many affiliate managers taking. Kudos and look forward to seeing you again.


Andrew Wee


Thank you for sharing the insights during your presentation at Affiliate Summit East 2017 ASE17. I could learn a lot and my luggage back to Switzerland is full of new ideas.

best wishes and hope to see you soon.

Gioacchino Franzese

FRANZESE group of Switzerland. Entrepreneur, Disruptor, Mentoring and Internet Visionary

Zürich Area, Switzerland




Heather Paulson and her team have greatly exceeded our expectations. In just the first few months they leveraged their industry relationships to improve our program substantially by adding many relevant new affiliates as well as optimizing our existing ones. We have already seen tangible growth to what we thought was a mature program. They are one of a rare breed of companies that treat and represent our business as though it was their own.

Dr. Marc Weinstein, CEO




"I can’t believe that Peak is almost done! Thanks for working so hard with Erin to make our Peak season a success. The two of you have produced some fantastic numbers this year, I can’t wait to see the Peak recap!"

- Tim Walter, Senior Marketing Manager American Greetings Interactive
American Greetings Interactive




"Heather Paulson - it was great seeing you at the Vegas Affiliate Summit.

I had the opportunity to sit in at your "Advanced Approaches to Affiliate Recruiting, Training & Management Presentation" and as an Affiliate Manager, it was very helpful to get such great advice and tips from an industry professional such as yourself! You have a unique ability to offer solutions to a client's needs and are very knowledgeable. Any time spent talking to you has been a valuable learning experience."


Kunal Vohra
Affiliate Manager




Thank you Heather Paulson for you words last night. You are BRILLIANT. It was so beautiful seeing you put into words what my artist mind has been trying to absorb for awhile now. I've known this from seeing you speak before - very genius - and yes I'm a Huge Fan - even before we spoke last night! Look forward to seeing you at the AffCon2010 SUPER STAR party in Denver.

Patrick Sandoval
Primal Future Ltd.




Thank you thank you thank you for the presentation Heather Paulson!

I also attended the PPC class 1 free webinars and was totally wow'ed by your presentations! (and found out about your website). .and so I am now a member of PPC2. Looking forward to learning from your presentations on your site - they really are powerful.


kindest regards
NG (Affiliate)




Amazing, it is two days now after implementing the changes that Heather suggested, my ranking improved significantly, "kicked-up" to 20th placement from 120 placement on my most important keyword, improved significantly on other keywords as well....

All my complements Heather!
Yaron PPC Classroom Student




Heather Paulson is without a doubt the most knowledgeable online marketer that I've had the chance to work with. Her ability to develop intelligent and innovative solutions for her clients makes her a tremendous asset for any organization that has the opportunity to hire her firm for their campaigns.


Jonathan Claydon,
Advertiser Sales, Commission Junction




Heather Paulson has broad expertise in performance marketing, thorough knowledge of state –of- the- art tools and technology, and an array of contacts that make her one of the smartest and most powerful players in the internet marketing space.  Attending just one of her presentations led us to business decisions that will double our significant lead gen revenues and jumpstart our affiliate recruitment techniques.  She is an incredible industry resource.


Cecily Lancit
Datastream Partners




"If you're looking for the very best to help your team out, or to turn around your online search or marketing efforts… You've found it with Heather Paulson. Truly one of the brightest and most experienced minds in the business. She's the guru for us gurus, especially when it comes down to the true nuts and bolts of performance-based marketing. Hire her now and thank me later."


Jim Kukral – Online Marketing Veteran, Founder of




“Heather Paulson is extremely knowledgeable in the world of online marketing. She is results and action oriented. Heather always has a willing attitude, with amazing ideas, that are backed by solid execution. I highly recommend Heather for all of your marketing project needs. She does superb work!”


Heidi K. Bookheim, Regional Sales Manager, UnsubCentral




“Heather Paulson is mind-numbingly bright and really understands online marketing. If you need help with optimizing your Pay Per Click marketing, SEO, or your website's ability to convert more traffic- give her a call. She asks intelligent questions to get a full picture of what the client needs, then presents proposals that cover all bases. She knows her stuff and I enjoy working with her.”


Wade Tonkin, Director of Sales - North America, ForgeBusiness USA




“Motivated, intelligent and determined are three of many reasons Heather is a great asset . Her knowledge is impressive, her results and achievements even more so. Give her the opportunity and she will serve you and your interests well.”


Lisa Riolo, Founder, Hammock Ventures




“Working with Heather has always been a pleasure. She is an industry expert and we have used her services tim and time again. Every time we speak I walk away with new insight and knowledge in the world of virtual marketing.”


Ed Price - President
Hired Heather as a Business Consultant in 2006, and hired Heather more than once




Clients and friends of Ms Paulson.


"From the moment we met Heather, it was clear she knew her "stuff." Heather's design work, marketing, and web based skills are the the best I've seen. Our company has been fortunate to have discovered Heather. We are definitely looking forward to a long, successful relationship with this group. We would highly recommend Heather to anyone except, of course, our competition!" - 


Ted Collins, President Maxx Lifestyle




Hi Guys,


Thank you very much for putting me in touch with Heather.  In the short time we spoke I'm convinced that she probably knows more about landing page conversion than anyone I've ever met.  She is brilliant! Thanks!


Ryan Azevedo
President / CEO





Dear Ms. Paulson,

Thank you once again for coming to guest speak to my Fundamentals of Web Design class at Arvada High School! Your presentation was great, and I know my students really do enjoy and benefit hearing from real professionals out there doing what someday they aspire to do. I was so impressed by the presentation you delivered to my students! The Student Handbook (both the paper and online version) was fantastic and filled with great suggestions as well as solid, real-world examples. And Heather, I have to tell you that my kids are still talking about the activity you did with them -- the mock-up in PhotoShop. They really enjoyed that hands-on experience; it's my hope that we will get to do more of these very soon.

I really wasn't sure how the web design community would respond to my invitation to come and share with my students. Your response and contribution has been more than I could ever have asked for. You were personal and immediate with the students and had a wonderful presentation! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to share your expertise and for inspiring the next generation!



Very appreciatively,

Janni Black
Computer Science Dept.
Arvada High School




To Prospective Clients of Heather Paulson:


I engaged Ms Paulson less than five days ago to design and build a web site for my new venture. Today it is up and running and it is truly beautiful and one of the best looking sites in my industry! Working with Heather was a treat! Her team was fast, very responsive, and very easy to work with. Their enthusiasm and collaborative approach turned what I thought was going to be a “drudgery” type of project into a fun and satisfying endeavor!


When you sign-up with Ms Paulson, you don’t just get a web developer – you get a firm that is well versed in e-commerce marketing and is willing to share that experience with clients. I know because I was previously director of operations support systems for a major telecom carrier and had responsibility for our B-to-B and B-to-C web site.

Ms Paulson is the best! I plan to give all my future projects to them.


William Lannan
Founder and President






Thanks again for all of your help with our site.. you always have the best attitude and I appreciate that.. This has really been an experience and I'd like to see everything turn out o.k. in the end. You have made things easier on many levels..


Brian Fillmore




I just wanted to say THANKS for the record setting 6 figure November for affiliate sales in Google and for breaking into new 5 figure territory in Linkshare.

Let's keep up the good work and we will be adding more networks to manage in 2011.

Thanks again to each of you."

Smoky Muehlstein




"At Network Solutions, we run a large Affiliate sales and marketing program, and need a multi-faceted Affiliate agency that can help us strategically and tactically for continued growth. Heather, Luke, and our account team led by Megan have been invaluable to our efforts. Heather Paulsons knowledge of the Affiliate industry, client focus, responsiveness, and integrity are commendable. The entire staff is professional and a delight to work with on a daily basis."

Prag Shah, Vice President -- Online Channels & User Experience
Network Solutions LLC.




"I am so impressed with the SEO work that Ms Paulson has done for me. I had no idea how little I knew about the field before hiring them. What impresses most about Heather is that she not only does a great job at improving my rankings, but she walks me through every step that she does so I am equipped to replicate the success once she is done optimizing my site. I can't recommend this her enough."

Erika Dickstein
Vice President, Marketing