Affiliate and Influencer Marketing for Conscious Merchants

As we progress into 2020 the rumble on the street with affiliates and influencers is where should they put their time earning commissions? With all of the changes in our world many are opting to promote healthy, sustainable, highly ethical and conscious merchants. So what is a conscious merchant?

Conscious Merchants 1. Who have organic, earth friendly products 2. Contribute to the betterment of our earth family by supporting causes 3. Open their branding to attract highly conscious, organic stewards to promote their products

4. Include this message within their marketing plans and budgets

5. Brand focus includes; Clean healthy living, earth centered focus and products that cause the least amount of environmental impact. has a list of over 1 million affiliates and influencers we work with, but that list doesnt mean a think unless you the merchant are introduced to that list properly. Hiring an affiliate marketing agency to recruit affiliates and influencers to your affiliate/Influencer program means you need to have SYNERGY and ALIGNMENT with this message. A big agency wont consider this, they are to busy churning clients.

If you are a conscious merchant with products that resemble this philosophy reach out to us, our team is ready to introduce you to our green winner list. Contact HPC Management Inc.

We do not take commissions from affiliates that is unethical, we do charge a flat monthly service fee for our work efforts, see our plans here.

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