Green Affiliate Programs like MotherErth Bags in ShareaSale

Loving our mother earth is an imperative we must all start to be highly conscious of. If you are a conscious merchant with high vibe products we want to work with you. Affiliate marketing includes influencers, bloggers, paid search, social media and you only pay a commission once there is a sale. As your agency partner we can't take a commission on a sale that would be unethical and the affiliates would lose trust in us. SO we charge a flat monthly rate and you can choose your rates here.

MotherErth is a high vibe recycled bag company who empowers women around the globe - this is a very green affiliate program and affiliates and influencers are encouraged to apply here in ShareaSale

MotherErth Affiliate Commission 15% Commission on sale 20% For Super Performers 90 day cookie

What we do is develop and manage your brand voice and media in the affiliate channel, we assist in negotiating advertising placement for commission on the top websites out there. And we introduce you to over 1 million affiliates and influencers on our list. We are not a tech company we do not facilitate technical integration the merchant is responsible for integrating with the networks. We are also not a network we MANAGE your program inside the network of your choice.

If you are interested in increasing your sales and launching your green affiliate program and you are interested in having affiliates and influencers market your product(s) then reach out to us here.

Namaste ~


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