Why Which Affiliate Tracking Platform Merchants Choose is Important

Affiliate Management Agencies

Each is unique offering different services - Our agency provides affiliate media development, affiliate/influencer recruiting and influencer match making services as well as we communicate your marketing promotions with affiliates and influencers and negotiate placement. We are not an accounting firm and we are not a technical firm and we do not provide and have never provided technical integration services to merchants.

OUR focus here at HPC Management Inc is MEDIA and Affiliate Relationship development! We believe these two things are most critical to your programs success. Pick which monthly service package you would like here, as an agency it is unethical for us to take commissions on a sale we leave 100% of the commissions to affiliates, we charge a flat monthly service fee.

* As your affiliate marketing agency we can offer you a 10% discount on Impact fees please contact us to get your affiliate program launched in Impact.

Affiliate Tracking Networks

Each is unique offering a variety of tracking, media management, and affiliate solutions. Because we as your affiliate and Influencer media and communications agency recruit affiliates AND Influencers to your program we recommend an affiliate tracking platform that can track sales for BOTH affiliates and Influencers. We work with all of the networks but the most important aspect is tracking all sales so the affiliates TRUST that they will get paid. So we are recommending Impact as the best most advanced affiliate and influencer tracking system at this time. Their marketplace is full over of 7 MILLION affiliates and Influencers.

If you are a merchant and are ready to leverage both affiliates and influencer sales and pay them both on a commission contact HPCManagement.co now!


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