Fashion Totes & Bags with MotherErth

2020 is the year for you to market green programs! MotherErth affiliate program is in the ShareaSale network and you are more then welcome as an affiliate or influencer partner to reach out to the HPC Affiliate Management team and let us know what you need to get going with MotherErth in 2020.

Fashion affiliates and Influencers sign up in ShareaSale here. is a social impact company that creates handbags which empower women and restore the earth. Our bags are made from unrecyclable materials that are discarded by drink packaging manufacturers in Southeast Asia. We intercept it before it can pollute the land and oceans and then work with a team of incredible artisan moms to create one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories. We are on a mission to intercept five tons per year from clogging up our environment and create a movement of people wearing our bright bags as a statement of their commitment to protecting the earth. Affiliate Commission 15% Commission on sale 20% For Super Performers 90 day cookie PPC Open Direct linking ok use of domain in display url ok Trademark term bidding allowed Coupon Affiliates allowed Rebate affiliates allowed Bloggers and Influencers welcome Fresh Coupons + Promotions FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS

Please let your HPC Management Inc affiliate team know if you need any custom media, vanity coupons or blogger media and we will create it for you. We are excited to have you as an affiliate partner. Email your affiliate manager


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