Holiday Promotions - Happy Holiday Sales!

Happy Holidays are here and our affiliate partners have taken their laptops and are working remotely from all over the world! We are on the phone with them this week as we continue to negotiate media placement for our client merchants.

HPC Management Inc what we do?

1. We develop media for affiliate and influencer partners who work with our clients 2. We recruit affiliates and influencers to the programs we manage like a match making service

3. HPC Management Inc sends out merchant communications to affiliates, letting them know about new promotions or offers.

4. Our team also writes text links and loads the media to the networks.

HPC Management what we do NOT do! 1. We are not a network, we do not take a kick back from networks, we have nothing to do with the networks 2. we are not an accounting firm we have nothing to do with the network payments or affiliate invoices 3. HPC Management Inc is not a programing team or web development firm we do not facilitate technical integration with networks, we do not touch the code

If you do not understand the affiliate/influencer partner marketing space please take the time to do some research before contacting us asking us to be an affiliate partner. We are a Media agency we are not an affiliate, we are not a network.


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