Thanks & Giving this Holiday Season

November is a month of giving thanks to all of our affiliate partners who have worked with us over the years. Your loyalty and dedication means a lot to us and we thank you so much for working with the merchants whose media we manage.

We have the following client promotions for our affiliate partners THANK YOU for an amazing 2019!

Elemental Knives (Impact)

10% OFF coupon code LOOKINGSHARP ends Jan 2020

Smarthome (Moving to Impact end of month - in LinkShare, CJ, ShareaSale)

10% OFF use coupon code CHRISTMAS10 expires Jan 1st 2020

SunshineSciences (ShareaSale)

5% off coupon XMASGIFT expires Jan 1 2020 (LinkShare) 5% OFF use coupon code HOLIDAY5 expires Jan 1st 2020 Nganic (ShareaSale) 10% off use coupon code 10OFFCBD expires Jan 1st 2020

We thank you for working with our clients and look forward to seeing your amazing marketing posts as we head into mid November and Holiday Sales! If you need any custom media for a specific campaign let us know!


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