Power Play Fashion for the Holidays with Super Publisher MODESENS

MODESENS is a fashionista eZine perfect for Holiday placement for brands that are ready for their traffic.


ModeSens is the premier fashion shopping assistant dedicated to saving you time and money. With ModeSens, you can view a product’s availability, price, color options, styling information and more from hundreds of stores in seconds. See how ModeSens can help you when shopping…

Who are they?

"Established in 2015, ModeSens is led by a team of industry experts who developed a solution to the disconnected and crowded online shopping experience. Product information was scattered, and shopping required too much research to make an informed purchase. The result was an advanced platform that connects information to shoppers seamlessly for a secure and efficient experience — one that is wholly unique to our customers. With our patented technology, aggregation model and trusted merchant relationships, our platform pulls from the racks of luxury multi-brand retailers and flagship fashion houses to connect consumers with their favorite pieces. Our growing partnerships with more than 200 global merchants and 14,000 luxury brands provide us with the trusted resources and the right capabilities to act as the reliable digital shopping assistant. ModeSens gives consumers a clear and easy route to the right product information at the right time, so they can choose from where and when to buy. At ModeSens, we believe in the beauty of discovery, and we aim to create a community of like-minded individuals who are inspired by fashion and driven by technology, just like us." (SOURCE: https://modesens.com/about/)


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