Q4 Affiliate Program Optimization - Tips + Tricks for Merchants

Is your affiliate program optimized for Q4? it is important to ensure your affiliate recruiting pages, media, text links and affiliate recruiting pages are ready for all of the new partners who will be checking out your affiliate program during Q4! The holiday times are the busiest time for online sales and there are many affiliates searching affiliate programs in the networks for the best promotional Holiday offers and media. Merchants check out this checklist of affiliate program optimization considerations and get your affiliate program ready for the Q4 party!

Affiliate Management Team (Handles Media + Content Optimization)

Your affiliate management team should be looking over the following items:

* Your Q4 promotional calendar should be handed to your affiliate managers so they can start working on text links, media and blog posts.

* Go over all of your program details content and ensure the content is fresh and attractive to affiliates.

* Your affiliate recruiting page should include a note about vanity Holiday coupons your willing to offer to affiliates for top Holiday placement so they reach out to you!

* Start on your Holiday banners now so you can get them up in the networks ahead of schedule!

* Go over all auto responder emails to affiliates and ensure they include fresh promotions and coupons!

* Check your program bio and commissions to ensure you are offering your top offer to affiliates for Q4 Holiday sales.

* Get your super affiliate placement negotiating list in place, which super affiliates do you want to offer your highest commission and vanity coupons to in exchange for advertising placement.

Merchants Internal or Outsourced Technical Team (Handles Tech Optimization)

The merchants technical team should check the following items before Q4

* Your technical team should check all page load times in all browsers NOW!

* If you are integrated with a network your technical team should double check and test pixel firing and tracking

* The merchant's technical team should check all datafeeds and API's

* All reporting, metrics, and CRM solutions integrations should be cross checked with your technical team to ensure they are functioning and reporting as they should be.

Ensuring the team is cohesive in their optimization of content in your program is important. Let's get ready for Q4 sales and have fun as we build new banners and media content for all of our clients!!

Warmest Regards,

Heather Paulson

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