ZipfWorks - 5 million Transactions and $250 million Annually

Developing partnerships is the most important aspect in affiliate marketing. There are many amazing marketing styles concerning affiliate types and one that stands out in the app development arena is if you are a merchant seeking high profile visibility then check out

"ZipfWorks (zif'works) is a media lab. We ideate, design and scale a network of innovative shopping applications that help millions of consumers find & acquire the products they'll love."

Super affiliate partnership zipfworks - "Each year, we drive approximately 5 million transactions and $250 million in sales to our network of 100,000 retail brands. Over 4,000 brands have claimed their businesses on the ZipfWorks network, and we have approximately 2,000 exclusive offers available only on ZipfWorks properties." (Source:

If you are interested in meeting partners like this for your affiliate program reach out to


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