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25 million + Visitors can't be wrong! Consumers love saving money and has something to offer to everyone. If you are a merchant and are interested in getting in front of a large audience partnering with sites like is a smart choice. is owned by Quotient Technology Inc.

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Brands often face the challenge of simultaneously employing a promotional strategy that: 1) drives scalable volume efficiently; 2) builds trial, buy rate and loyalty; and 3) supports merchandizing with national content. Quotient’s Holistic Value Delivery solution can achieve all three goals. The Quotient Promotions Network, a market leader in digital coupons, drives scale and national content to support merchandizing.

With a KPI of return on promotional spend, these offers represent the core of any promotional strategy. We then layer in Targeted Offers that use point-of-sale purchase data to target and deliver offers designed to drive trial or buy rate among specific shopper segments. We also incentivize loyalty to ensure repeat customers. Across all offers, Quotient provides measurement to assess performance and insights to optimize the content mix and coupon values in-flight and for future programs.


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