Vitality Now® Launching Soon in Impact

The program is set to go live in the next few weeks, but here is a sneak preview into the Vitality Now® Affiliate program:

15% Base commission to affiliates with up to 20% commission for super publishers! All Vitality Now® products are formulated by Dr. Sam Walters. A full-time physician formulating all-natural solutions that have a powerful impact on health, most notably for NASA.

15% Base commission

17% commission new customers only with no coupon used

20% commission for affiliates with all orders over $5000 per month

PPC Affiliates are allowed in the program

PPC Affiliate are allowed to direct link

PPC Affiliates are allowed to use brand name in ad lines (Please use a registered trademark symbol with the brand name)

PPC - PLEASE NO BIDDING on our branded terms, go for long tail terms!

Coupon affiliate and rebate sites are allowed into the program.

Social media and influencers are welcome to join!

No malware or offensive sites will be approved in the program we have the right to expire any partner at any time for not adhering to our policies.

All Vitality Now® products are 100% manufactured in the United States.

For every Vitality Now® bottle sold, a donation will be made to the Human Hero Foundation to help purchase a prosthetic limb for a veteran. We support our heroes.

Affiliates and Influencers If you have yet to use Impact Affiliate network then you are in for a treat.

Impact Affiliate Marketing platform manages a complex universe of partnerships. The marketing world is filled with many nuances and the technology of Impact covers the whole affiliate landscape from the traditional coupon, blog affiliates to social media influencers and paid media partners all on one platform.

It also has comprehensive tracking, fraud protection, branded interface and cross-device solution, which tracks and analyze customer interactions across every device.

We are excited to have you as an affiliate partner in this program, check back soon to join!

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