Elemental Knives ... Coming Soon on Impact

Are you ready to harness to power of bad-ass blades, forged from fantasy? Are you ready to partner with an industry leader with a long history of success? Are you ready to earn some killer cash with a scientifically proven, easy-peasy, done for you, super-effective, marketing and sales system? Of course you are. Affiliate Program coming soon in IMPACT! Check back here for updates! Be our friend and enjoy these benefits

  • We make it easy for you. Most affiliate programs will just give you a link, a coupon code, and a pat on the back before tossing you into the wild. Not so with Elemental Knives. We support our affiliates with optimized scripts, world-class creative assets, and (most importantly) access to our industry leading marketing funnels. If you want to do more than direct linking, just pick one of our offers, send them to our sign up pages, and let us worry about closing the sale for you. We'll tell you exactly how to communicate value, and our 15 day cookie window gives you enough time to take advantage of the marketing systems we've worked so hard to build.

  • We reward your performance. We start everyone out at a 6% base commision rate, but the more you sell, the bigger your cut, up to 10% commissions at max tier. Commissions reset to 6% on January 1st, so you'll have plenty of time to level up and crush it during the holidays.

  • We coordinate with you. On top of the stellar 'always on' options for promoting, you can expect a ton support from us during big pushes. During product launches and seasonal sales you can expect a 'press package' with everything you'll need to take full advantage of major sales spikes

We've been an industry leader since day 1, and this gravy train shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Affiliate Program coming soon in IMPACT! Check back here for updates! Contact your HPC Management Inc team for placement terms.


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