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TO BUY. TO DO. TO READ. YOUR EVERYTHING APP Save items to buy, tasks to do and things to read from any website. Organize it all effortlessly. Get to them later! Squrl check them out!

To Buy Save items you like from any website with the browser extension on your desktop or using the share extension ( Logo share extension Squrl ) on your phone. Organize them within the pre-set categories or just make up your own. Get notified when your items go on sale.

To Do Keeping track of all your personal and professional TO DOs has never been easier. Just jot them down, set reminders that sync to your calendar and get it done! You can also share your tasks and attach notes, photos and links to them.

To Read Save articles, recipes, books and audio books. Get to them when you have time! Set reminders, star your favorites and share them with your friends.


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