We Don't do Technical Integration - and We Don't Take Commissions!

As a marketing and recruiting agency we manage the relationships and media of an affiliate program. We do not provide technical integration, technical integration with affiliate networks needs to be done by professional programers on the merchant's side who have access to the merchants back end cart system and can coordinate with the affiliate networks integration team.

Merchants are responsible for setting up their pixels and tracking properly and we do not get involved in this process beeeeecause we are not programers we are marketers!

We can refer you to a technical integration programer let us know if you would like a referral?

As an agency it is important that we do not take commissions on the programs sales! 100% of the sales commissions goes to affiliate partners! This ensures that when we approve affiliate applications we are letting in quality affiliates who will market the brand in the best possible light. Quality affiliates are worth their weight and developing relationships with affiliates is our primary focus!

If you are a merchant and have questions about affiliate marketing let us know!

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