We Build Relationships with Affiliates!

There is a lot of confusion in the affiliate marketing space concerning who plays what role in the affiliate marketing spectrum. HPC Management Inc is is a marketing firm that markets the merchants affiliate program to affiliate partners and recruits affiliates to the program, we also create the banners, text links and social media materials for the program.

Building relationships and negotiating placement with affiliates is one of our core duties and having a pro active team that has fun building relationships and has a flare for communications really helps these efforts as we scale affiliate programs.

We are not a network - we do not do technical integration with the networks - the technical, sales, and reporting aspects of affiliate marketing are handled between the merchant and the network. HPC Management Inc does not do technical integration for merchants or networks. The merchants tech team and the network tech team work together to ensure the tracking and sales reporting are in line with the networks capabilities.

It is important that merchants understand the roles of an affiliates, influencers, agencies, networks as well as understanding how the social media team will interact with the affiliate management team. Having an understanding of the nuances of the space will help guide merchants into managing their brand directives in a more seamless fashion.


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