Spring Merchant Promotional Ideas! Lift your Affiliate Sales!

There are many types of affiliate partners whom are mostly categorized based on their marketing style. Spring is a great time to lift the sales up in your program by offering various promotional content pieces to your different affiliate types.

Affiliate Marketing Types

PPC - Paid search affiliates who advertise for your brand Email - Emailer affiliates with large lists of consumers Coupon - Coupon sites offering brand promotions and coupons Rebate - These sites offer cash back to the consumer for shopping Content - Bloggers or press agents as well as podcasters

Mobile - Mobile affiliates in the mobile ad space

Social - Social could also include video and influencers

Spring Promotional Material Leveraging Your Affiliates To Increase Sales!

Consumers shop online because they want to save money, they want it delivered and fast! If you are a brand with promotions you will have an easier time getting more consumer eyeballs on your brand. An aggressive promotional calendar is imperative to get traffic and increased sales.

If you are a Brand That Does NOT Want to Discount or use Coupons

If you are a brand that does not want to offer promotions or coupons to your affiliates to use in your affiliate program then negotiating placement with higher paying commissions is the way to go. Selecting specific affiliates with content and or marketing styles that fit with your brands objectives and creating personalized relationships with these partners will help you get top level placement to increase your sales.

Spring is here and it is time to get ready for SPRING and SUMMER promotions! If you need assistance managing your affiliates and promotions reach out to HPCManagement.co our team is ready to market, communicate, and organize your affiliate relationships.


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