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"Citizen Femme is a community of passionate female writers, speaking to a community of passionate female traveller's. As women, we know what matters to us when we travel; we want all our answers in one place and we want advice from other women who understand us. That’s what Citizen Femme is all about. We cover over 30 cities across the globe from popular travel destinations to those less explored.

The guide gives you honest, unbiased travel tips and stories from women who know first-hand about the best and most interesting hotels, the quaintest restaurants, the most divine street-food, the safest taxis, the best blow-outs in the city, the most rustic spots to the best ways to stay fit… the same tips you’d get from a local who knew exactly what you wanted to experience.

Our weekend guides are ideal for when you just want to escape for a bit, our packing guides make life easy with what you need to take with you on your travels, you need to pack on your travels, and if you’re simply looking for some inspiration, well, you’ve come to the right place." (SOURCE:


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