Skincare with All Natural + Organic Ingredients - Nganic Salve Formulation

How do you tell a good CBD Salve from an inferior one? Take a look at the ingredients used and the concentration of CBD. Notice you can recognize and pronounce all of the ingredients used in our Salve. Yes it is a little more work to make products this way, but we won’t produce anything we don’t feel comfortable using ourselves.

Looking at various CBD Salves you may notice concentrations starting from 20mg of CBD per four (4) ounces, going up to 2,000 mg of CBD per ten (10) ounces. This is important to note, as you have to be able to get enough CBD topically onto your skin.

If the salve is not concentrated enough to provide adequate CBD to benefit your body you’ll end up trying to rub in multiple clumps at a time (I’m not sure about you, but we prefer not to have a mound of CBD setting on top of our skin.) This is the reason why we decided to start producing our salve at a concentration of 1,000 mg of CBD per ounce of salve. For most application it will be an appropriate amount of CBD in the Salve without you having to completely slather it on your skin.

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When using our Salve, just dip your finger in the jar and apply to the desired area of your skin. When deciding how much to use, start with less and build up until you find an amount that works. Please keep in mind you may find yourself having to apply various amounts on different days due to how your body is doing one day to the next, or if you are applying for different circumstances.


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