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It's no surprise that is a huge hit, its a one-stop shop for local virtual coupons on the web.This is a high level publisher who works with our clients through the affiliate networks we manage.

Groupon was launched November 2008 in Chicago and quickly expanded into Boston, NYC and Toronto. Now Groupon serves over 500 cities worldwide and works with over a million merchants.

Groupon has come along way from their early days when the company offered one "Groupon" per day in each of the markets it served.

Nowadays the site offers daily deals and discounts for restaurants, retail stores, spas, websites, theaters, flowers and more.

Buying local makes sense! A fun video ad from Groupon for the 2018 Super Bowl

Everyone loves discounts, and investors noticed too! In 2010 Google offered to buy Groupon for almost $6 billion dollars, but no deal was struck. In 2011 Groupon went public to a great debut.

Groupon works by offering local deals each day for goods, service or events in a particular city. Groupon earns its own by keeping about 50 percent of the revenues from each coupon deal.

Groupon attracts a lot of consumers and can be a great advertisement for merchants.

Check out Groupon here!

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