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You make better choices. You exercise more. You shop smart. You save resources. You deserve better rewards.

Great deals on your favorite beneficial brands. Music downloads. Free nights at eco-resorts. Super easy ways to donate or gift your points to a friend. With PIPs REWARDS, you get it ALL. Purposeful points for mindful choices. A healthier you and a better world.

That's right. You get PIPs (Positive Impact Points) - a social good currency - simply for making better everyday choices. Why? Because "good behavior should no longer (just) be its own reward." When a college friend (David Sand), and I (Wendy Gordon), first started musing about PIPs, our impulse thought was: Wouldn't it be nice to get reward points not just for spending money but for spending money wisely and for making other smart choices - like walking or biking to work, opting for renewable energy or a certified pre-owned iPad, or choosing clothes based on where and how they were made?

Learn more about PIP'N here


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