Affiliate Networks we Manage

Affiliate networks each have their owns strengths in the affiliate marketing space. It is important to find an affiliate network that suits your budget as well as supports your technology needs. It is important to sign up for an affiliate network that has a lot of affiliates already inside the network. The following is a list of affiliate networks we recommend you working with. We have negotiated discounts from these affiliate networks for new merchant launches, so talk to us before starting up an affiliate program.

* Rakuten

* CJ

* Impact Radius * AWIN

* ShareaSale * PepperJam

We work with other affiliate networks as well, though this list is the list of largest affiliate networks. There is a lot of work to do in setting up your affiliate program inside an affiliate network, please let us know if you have any questions about why one network might be better then another. Another important thing to note, we do NOT receive a kick back for launching you in a network we choose based on criterium we believe will be beneficial to your brand launch.

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