Merchants - Why You Should Be Working with Affiliate Coupon Sites!

I see a lot of affiliate programs in the affiliate networks who are not allowing coupon sites into their affiliate program and they are really missing out on a key placement strategy. Actually a few key strategies! It is important to understand SEO optimized affiliate text links and how to write them to gain placement on the coupon sites who use API's to call in content from the networks. Being placed on a coupon site with the proper categorical keywords as well as brand driven and product driven keywords helps a merchant gain placement in the search engines through the placement on the coupon site. Natural search placement is not blocked by ad blockers... Are you following me here?

Getting in front of consumers is key in affiliate marketing! Some of these coupon sites have traffic levels that far surpass any other potential publishers levels. Utilizing these relationships and ensuring the coupon sites have custom offers is imperative to ensuring proper brand exposure. Frequency rates of offers are also an important factor to ensure fresh placement is obtained.

Affiliate marketing has a technical side and it is important to understand the technologies that drive merchants placement in content driven sites such as coupon sites.

We work with thousands of affiliate coupon sites and we manage all of their custom as well as public offers for our merchant clients. Just the following 2 coupon sites represent potential brand exposure to 56 Million potential new consumers monthly.


AVG Monthly Traffic 16.45 Million Visitors 68.89% traffic comes from natural search


AVG Monthly Traffic 39.62 Million Visitors 56.87% traffic comes from natural search

Do you have questions how working with coupon affiliates can increase your brand exposure as well as sales? Feel free to reach out to us here.


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