A Content Affiliate with 2.5 billion monthly Views! TasteMade

Tastemade.com a super content affiliate partner with over 250 million active users and 2.5 billion monthly views around the world. Tastemade is a global entertainment company, its diverse community captures unique, authentic experiences and lifestyles.

Tastemade started by the love of food and its first videos were shown primarily on YouTube. From there, they expanded to several social networks and on to travel and lifestyle, using young folks as hosts who had built social followings.

Tastemade is very fresh and it's continually creating new content. So many love to show off their food on the internet, you are sure to see plates of food on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now thanks to Tastemade some are making a business out of it.

Tastemade TV gives you full access to hundreds of hours of original Tastemade shows or shorts that can be watched on demand from any device. Its a community of creators, dreamers, and explorers united by their love for great taste.

It's a site to find recipes, take classes, shop cookbooks or kitchen tools. The recipes are very diverse, categories range from A to Z and everything in between. Classes are just varied where you can learn to make macaroons or have an introduction to Indian cooking via video. The Tastemade Store has a curated collection of unique products from artisan pieces to everyday needs like cast iron skillets and storage sets.

Tastemade is filled with engaging entertainment, exciting experiences, and authentic products. If you are a merchant interested in meeting super affiliates such as Tastemade let your HPC Affiliate Management team know!


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