A Few of Our Favorite Things... Mommy Bloggers <3

Mommys-to-be are filled with so many emotions: new fears, thoughts, challenges, and strengths. Mom blogs are the perfect resources for new moms to connect and comment on all the changes that have happened and are coming. Parenting covers a vast range of issues from the environment to crafts, health, food, homeschooling, politics, gardening, household products, travel and sharing funny stories.

Navigating the mother terrain can be a wild ride! We have listed a few of our favorite mom Blogs for some laughter, insight, ideas and/or to commiserate.

https://cupofjo.com/ This is beautiful site created by Joanna Goddard, a journalist with a resume that includes Bene, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. She is based in New York and has Parisian, English and Michigan roots. Expect to see write-ups on traveling with children, style, food, and relationships.

http://mommysnewgroove.com/ Follow this mom on her journey through preschool, discovering new foods, keeping fit and the trials and tribulations of being a stay at home mom.

https://kellehampton.com/ Kelle is a mom of three and a step-mom of two. One of her children has down syndrome and the blog touches on that. This site is about family, crafts, faith, style, books, and gorgeous photography.

Here's one for the Dads! http://www.howtobeadad.com/ Fellow dads Charlie Capen and Andy Herald team up to create this entertaining blog covering practical and hilarious moments.

Mommy and Baby bloggers are one of the greatest resources for new families and our team at HPCManagement are happy to present you a few of our future affiliate partners.


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