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Affiliates and Influencers HatCountry.com has some fantastic Halloween costume apparel for real Cowboys and Cowgirls - You can't go wrong with writing the All-American iconic Cowgirl or Cowboy content on your affiliate blog to earn that commission with HatCountry.com affiliate program.

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The latter part of the 19th century is filled with some legendary looks from the wild west. The cowboy is often associated with herding, caring for cattle and riding horses. But there are so many cowboy styles to recreate no matter what you choose here is some essential items:

A Stetson Cowboy Hat: Stetson synonymous with the cowboy lifestyle, it is perhaps the best-known cowboy hat manufacturer in the world. No matter what era cowboy look you want to go for Stetson has you covered. Ranging from raffia straw hats in their outdoor collection, to crushable soft wool felt or even American bison fur blends.

Leather Vest: Vests were very common in the west, a place for extra pockets and to keep the wearer warm. An oilskin vest is a classic style, as well as a leather hunting vests in with shearling.

A big Belt Buckle: A belt can make an outfit, get creative and personalize your choice. Horses, stars, eagles or bulls have fun with it.

Cowboy Boots: A key piece in western lifestyle. A variety of options are available depending on personal preference. Cowboy boots are built to last, so think beyond Halloween to a style you want to wear throughout the year.

After you have chosen your essential items it's all about accessorizing! There are so many options like ponchos, cravats, bolero ties, chaps, spurs, gunbelts, bandana's it can go on and on.

Hope this has sparked some great ideas for your Halloween!

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