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This weeks Affiliate spotlight is shining on, an online publication featuring brands, products, and ideas dedicated to social good.

HPC Affiliate Management team was so happy to discover The Good Trade, what a unique and special website! Founded in Los Angeles in November 2014, by AmyAnn and Blake Cadwell. The Good Trade covers conscious fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. is the go-to spot for conscious men and women who care about the brands they support. Consumers can find pure makeup and skincare, fair trade jewelry and shoes made from recycled plastic bottles and that's just a bit of what the site offers. The culture section offers a bevy of mindful books, provoking podcasts and must-see documentaries. So for those who don't want to shop there is still plenty to explore on this publication.

The Good Trade was built on the fundamental idea that consumers are capable of driving significant social change through their everyday purchases and lifestyle choices. I love how this site helps with mindful consumerism, the pro tip from AmyAnn is to Buy less, Buy for quality and Research everything.

The fashion industry exploitation overseas needs to be talked about and workers all over the world deserve to earn a living wage and work in a safe environment. Consumers are wanting companies to become more transparent with their production and environmental impact. Most consumers are willing to pay more for products provided by companies committed to positive social and environmental impacts. The Good Trade is the spot for socially-minded consumers to find socially responsible brands.

Supporting companies that align with higher values allows consumers to put into action their important beliefs. It all about being the change you wish to see.

Big Thanks to the team over at The Good Trade, for keeping it conscious and high vibe.


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