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HPC Management Inc. integrates their merchants affiliate programs into (For Me To Compete). Bringing our affiliate programs into this powerful and robust tool allows the HPC affiliate management team to monitor our merchants deals and offers with FMTC’s proven time-saving resources. provides a bevy of solutions for affiliates, merchants, and affiliate managers. Their tools allow these three groups to better manage their time and their content. FMTC joins programs on various affiliate networks and taps into APIs to collect as many coupons and deals as possible. Their team will then test all the offers and fix any issues they can find.

Affiliates that use FMTC will find it simple to fill their sites or blogs with monetized content that they know will work correctly thanks to the team at FMTC. Affiliates have access to almost 200,000 deals daily to choose from. FMTC helps affiliates by creating unique affiliate links for them, easy to post on their sites.

HPC affiliate managers using FMTC can subscribe and push deals to all or select affiliates with the FMTC system. This is a great way to get our clients promotions out to a large audience quickly.

The time saving nature of FMTC is fantastic for both Merchant’s and affiliate managers who need to budget their time to maximize their affiliate programs. Easy to read reports can be downloaded and find exactly what deals are being used the most by their affiliates.

FMTC is well known in the affiliate marketing industry. Known for many years as For Me To Coupon, it was founded to provide a solution set to help with the manual upload of coupons and deals to the various affiliate networks. Today, FMTC is a thriving, dynamic company built from originally offering a datafeed of coupons, they now offer a wide range of content for affiliates, merchants, and affiliate managers.

We here at HPC Management Inc. are very excited to utilize FMTC with our Merchant programs both current and future. Being able to keep a close eye on all our deals in one place will save time and bring greater returns to our Merchants through our increased productivity!

Would you like to have your affiliate coupons and promotions supported with FMTC? Reach out to us and join us...

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