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Sleep can directly affect a child's mood and learning as most parents know, a good nights sleep is essential for a good day!

A kids mattress is the key to achieve quality rest and prevent tossing, turning and grumpy mornings. An average of 3,650+ hours of sleep will be spent on that mattress a year and that doesn't even include all the day lounging that will happen on that bed. The mattress will be used for many a year, so it makes sense to get them a good mattress.

Nest Bedding® has a Top rated Kids Mattress available online, its actually the FIRST Kids Mattress for the online market.

The BKB also known as the Big Kid's Bed, is the first mattress in a box for kids!

The BKB mattress is made exclusively for kids and young people. Nest Bedding® is always Factory Direct and made in the USA. The BKB also has CertiPUR-US certified foams with no chemical fire barrier and nothing toxic. We love it as every member of the family deserves a clean, healthy mattress!

The better the kids sleep, the better the parents can sleep and the more restful a night the more peaceful the day (in theory :)

Nest Bedding® Affiliates, Influencers and Bloggers this is great material for you to use for your marketing efforts! The BKB mattress is shipped right to the doorstep and has a comfort guarantee and Lifetime Warranty!

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