Miss Mary of Sweden® World Class Global Lingerie Affiliate Program

Though undergarments aren’t really spoken about to often, they are definitely on most ladies minds. Especially if they are uncomfortable with pinching, support issues, or if the straps keep falling down, Ugh. It brings to mind the iconic scene of a working women getting home and the first thing she does is take of her bra, then sighs in relief. If it's really that bad she needs a bra upgrade!

Introducing Miss Mary of Sweden® World Class Lingerie this company specializes in the production and selling of high quality and world class lingerie. They have been designing and creating women’s Bras, panties, and swimwear for more than 60 years.

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MissMaryofSweden.com is one of the global best in Lingerie and they have the highest most excellent level of craftsmanship and it shows in each piece they make. From big to small bust, an A cup right up to a J cup the design focuses on long-term comfort.

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Miss Mary of Sweden® Affiliate Program Details

8% - 12% Commission


LinkShare (Launching soon)

PPC Direct Linking Allowed

No bidding on brand or trademark terms

Influencers + Social Media Welcome

FRESH Coupon to get you started with the program

Miss Mary of Sweden® World Class Lingerie use coupon code SEAS20 for $20 off any purchase expires 12/31/18

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