Why every Affiliate Manager needs Brand Verity Monitoring Affiliates...

I remember when Brand Verity first came out, I immediately saw how flexible and time saving its monitoring service is for affiliate managers. Compliance issues in the affiliate space can come not just from your affiliates, but also your competitors as well as competitors affiliates. Brand Verity helps mitigate the manual search and social screening that would take days that Brand Verity can do in one sweep or what I like to call a "pull".

Large brands that have global affiliate programs can ensure Brand Verity is monitoring PPC affiliates brand terms across the globe in multiple countries at anytime of day, this would take an army of affiliate managers to attempt to monitor by hand. Every affiliate manager needs to monitor affiliates using Brand Verity... The affiliate management team of HPCManagement.co uses Brand Verity so we can spend more time on the juicy stuff, like recruiting new supers to join the affiliate programs we manage.

My name is Heather Paulson and I am the President of HPC Management Inc - I am a 3 time Google certified Adwords professional. I have managed well over $20 million in Paid search budgets annually. I was hired onto the Microsoft iSEM team as well I was one of the Professors at PPC Classroom. Ask me why I believe in allowing PPC affiliates the ability to direct link in your affiliate program. Ask me anything about PPC and affiliate marketing here is my email HPC@HPCmanagement.co - Have an amazing Labor Day Weekend to you all!

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