HPC Affiliate Management Team Welcomes FusionBelts.com

We here at HPC Management Inc. are very excited to announce to our affiliate and influencer partners a new affiliate program for them to market. FusionBelts.com, The Anti-Fanny Pack!

The Rakuten LinkShare launch will be announced soon as we are currently working with FusionBelts on program upgrades for the affiliate space. This will include all new media, data feed, program terms, and other exciting promotions and offers to get you, our affiliate partners, ready for Q4! THE perfect product to market to health, sports, and fitness fans - Fusion Belts - Fusing Fashion and Function for your Hands-Free Life!

About FusionBelts - A must for travel, concerts, gym, fitness, running, shopping! Fusion Belts have a patented zipper on design and has a brushed poly spandex that makes it the only accessory wear belt that stays in place and does not ride up!

We hope you enjoy your Fusion Belt! It was invented by a Mompreneur who wanted to Fuse Fashion and Function for the active lifestyle!

Fusion Belts began in 2012 when Lisa, a nurse and mom of three, moved from New Jersey to Florida and took up running. She realized there wasn’t a stylish yet practical way to carry her phone, keys, and money while running. Nor was there a wearable, comfortable solution to store items at a theme park or on the soccer field with her kids. Lisa wanted a product that was friendly for all body types (unlike most sports belts) and durable (unlike flimsy Velcro products).

So, she designed the Fusion Belt, made of lightweight, water resistant yoga pants material with large pockets. The zipper waist/hip wrap makes the Fusion Belt stylish, durable, and friendly for all body types.

The Fusion Belt comes in all styles from the weightlifter to the soccer mom to the outdoor kid. They are also customizable for businesses, teams, and organizations.

The great people behind Fusion Belts are here to ensure that you will receive what you want— the way you want it.

Our people believe that each customer deserves our full attention. Whether we get to meet you, or just speak with you online, we want to ensure that you have a memorable experience at Fusion Belts.

Our affiliate management team will keep you posted on new program updates here for FusionBelts.com questions reach out to your affiliate managers at HPC@HPCManagement.co


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