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This week's Affiliate Spotlight is on This website that has been around for 4 years is all about conscious and sustainable fashion, beauty, food, wellness and travel lifestyles.

Fashion and beauty companies have a huge impact on the environment as well as people. Think Factory safety and working conditions, ethical wages, animal testing as well as pesticides… It goes on and on, all over the world. Supporting great brands that are transparent and ethical with their production is important. And how do we find out who is ethical? Lots of research! Luckily the team at has got our backs with that. has a team that is hard at work showcasing conscious content. Articles on Social impact, politics, wellness, mother hood and of course Fashion. The website is well rounded for all budgets and lifestyles, really enjoyed the tips from this article here: Best Affordable Brands For Ethical Fashion On A Budget. Fashion articles hit trends, hot brands and a look behind the scenes such as manufacturing the fabric and the factories.

The beauty section is a definite go to, for those who want to avoid toxic ingredients like aluminum in deodorant or how to find a natural shampoos that actually make your hair look good ;)

Making the switch to ethically sourced products can be a lifestyle change for some but take a tip from its all about buying less and buying for quality, making each purchase count, based on ethics and durability.

You know the saying “Vote with your dollars,” Thats what this site is about. Where you spend and invest your money shows how you personally are supporting fair wages and a healthy planet.


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