New HPC Affiliate Program Management Pricing Packages -

HPC Management Inc is proud to introduce a new flat monthly based fee structure for eRetailers of any vertical who are interested in increasing sales or leads via a profitable affiliate program. We are introducing a few of the tasks that are performed on the structured package price list here, to see our complete list and request a proposal of affiliate management services please email us at

The HPC affiliate team members, our media director, our affiliate communications director and our affiliate recruiters manage their time on our merchant accounts by using a secure online project management system. Organization and structured task allocation is important to success for our clients. I have over 20 years experience in the eCommerce technical field as well as managing big affiliate management teams and large and small client affiliate programs. What that means for the merchants affiliate programs we manage is that a custom strategy is built into each package to make it unique for each client.

I like to offer my consulting services at no charge to our clients to assist them with the following:

* Online monetization schemas

* Funnel usability

* Increasing AOV and CONV via linking strategies

* Increased CTR and CONV with high quality advertising campaigns we build for affiliates

* Long term consumer retention strategies and remarketing

* Segmented affiliate commissions based on SKU's

* Batch vs Pixel processing of orders or leads

* Eye tracking points on landing pages, websites, media (usability)

* Increasing affiliate sales via technological resources such as datafeed optimization and pushing to aggregators, param value tracking, tiered commission structures.. etc

We priced our affiliate managed packages to help the smaller merchants who need professional affiliate management eyes on their program and can whom give them practical real world advice and guidance as their programs scale. We also have packages for larger eRetailers who need a team approach rather then trying to hire an in-house team with no experience. We're saving clients a lot of money while increasing their sales and were having fun doing it!

You can see our affiliate management pricing packages here, let us know if you have any questions about affiliate lead generation or affiliate retail sales marketing..

It's what we do ... join us!


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