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Dreaming about the perfect sleeping space? A relaxing Nest to wind down and relax after a long day? We have some great tips for quality sleep and creating a relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom. Improving your sleep, Improves your life! For real though, a saggy, unsupported mattress can put a crinck not only in your back but also in your day.

Nest Bedding® Organic | Non toxic | Made in the USA

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There are tons of ways to zen up your bedroom you can paint the walls, changing out the furnishings or add a water feature ;) We are just going to simplify it and get down to the basics, so here are the top 3 tips for Getting a good night rest:

Number 1 Eliminate clutter. Clutter can bring on lots of stress and that's something we want to avoid totally in the bedroom. Looking at a messy closet will get your mind making task lists rather than sweet night dreaming. So Clean it up, organize and eliminate what's not needed anymore.

Number 2 Slow down with the tech in the bedroom! Think of all your rooms as serving a purpose, kitchen and dining room are for eating, living room for entertainment and social scenes, the office is for work and the bedroom is for relaxation, sleep and connecting intimately with a partner. So leave the tv out of your bedroom, change your alarm clock to a retro version, not a glowing red one and have soft lighting.

Number 3 Get the perfect bed for you! We spend most of our time in Bed so a good quality mattress is key. A bed has a huge impact on your sleep and ultimately how you feel throughout your day, its also the focal point of the bedroom.

Nest Bedding® is the premier organic, non toxic factory direct brand of mattresses. They are CertiPUR-US certified Luxury Mattresses, thoughtfully designed and manufactured in the USA. Nest Bedding® is also one of the only brands to offer customers an option to completely exchange to another firmness at no cost, or upgrade to a different bed entirely. They also have a leading Lifetime Comfort Guarantee that gives customers a Nest Bedding mattress years down the road, at half the price.

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Nest Bedding® Organic | Non toxic | Made in the USA

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