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Hey all Influencers have you heard of So many influencers are gathering on to get much desired sponsorships. FameBit is an online marketing platform that connects YouTubers and Vloggers with Merchants and Brands that want to advertising their products.

Influencers are writers and producers with a large engaged audience, they have a similar style as celebrities being so popular at several social media outlets. Famebit creates an opportunity for Influencers to earn money by partnering with brands that would relate to their audience.

The whole market has an easy set up, merchants start of by setting their budget (Endorsements start at $100.) 2nd they review proposals, profiles and audience demographics, Famebit supplies all the tools for merchants to select the best creators for the brand. And then brands get video product review, photo’s and engaging tweets.

This is so helpful YouTubers to have a sponsorship, which pays much higher than Adsense. It frees Vloggers and Influencers to focus on creating content! There are over 65,000 creators in the network, a large community of vibrant YouTubers spanning so many categories.

Its perfect when the Influencer have a genuine interest in the “product” creating the perfect match.

Famebit started back in 2013 is based in Santa Monica, Ca with additional offices in Ontario, Canada.

Merchants if your interested in connect with this Influencer Marketplace or other similar one, let's connect!

Contact us at HPC Management Inc.


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