An Influencer Network who is also an Affiliate for Fashion Merchants!

Are you a fashion merchant? Would you like super affiliates like this working for your brand? Reach out to

This weeks Affiliate Spotlight is on Primp an influencer network with a huge crew of Influencers (6,000+) or “Primpers.”

PRIMP has a popular marketplace for shopping influencers choice fashionable looks.

Top Influencers happily named Power Primpers share top trends in fashion, beauty and accessories. Styles can be filtered by looks like boho, beach, chic as well as body type ie: curvy, tall, apple…. And of course what's on Sale!

This large community of real people collectively decide what is hot right now by sharing what they love. Sound interesting? Anyone can join in and contribute content to help inspire others. All women styles, skin tones and body types are welcome.

Primp is a power spot to go for connecting with top Blogger and influencers. Brands who are interested in joining this service will get the benefit of an awesome strategy. Primp can create and promote powerful content that will invoke shared conversation around Top Influencers. A great spot for creating brand awareness across many channels.

Campaigns are fully tracked using patent-pending proprietary technology. Keeping track of data and having transparency in tracking is their key for success. They use audience analytics, demographic data and brand affinity for all influencers in their network. This provides brands the option to target their perfect audience for their personal campaign.


The site melds digital technology and a creative network of Influencer content creators. A great combination.

Check out their mission statement:

OUR MISSION To provide excellent influencer marketing services that are transformative for the businesses of our partners and the livelihood of their brands.

We love it! If you have any questions about Influencers or Affiliate Management contact us at HPC Management Inc.

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