Managing your Affiliate Program - On Your Own?

When we take over an affiliate program from a merchant who might not have the capacity to afford 5 employees dedicated to managing their affiliate program in a big network, I hear a sigh of relief from them.

Media campaigns for affiliate partners need to be thought out every quarter as well even more so for Holiday campaigns during Q4. Most merchants do not understand how much intricacy is involved with recruiting and managing affiliate super performers custom codes and media placements. As well there is affiliate communications, newsletters, and media pushes that have to be organized. It is a lot of work and with you get a team working on your account.

There are many affiliates who have technical questions and need their code checked, if you do not have someone technical on your team how can they answer tech questions? An affiliate manager has to understand how tracking, param values, datafeeds, API's work and that is just the start. Affiliate marketing isn't putting up a few banners in the network and calling it good, it takes organization, passion, technical aptitude as well as a thorough understanding of the affiliate marketing channel.

If you have any questions about the affiliate marketing channel let us know!


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