Affiliate Program Management: Join a Network or Manage In-House?

So you are an online merchant, you have a conversion rate of at least 1.5% or more AVG from your website. You have solid products, your inventory can handle increased sales and you have a pretty firm grasp on online channel marketing. You are ready to start an affiliate program! Your deciding between launching an in-house affiliate program or signing up with a big affiliate network. Here are some considerations for your review, to help you make a good choice for your brand!

Serious Considerations

1. Merchants have to be vetted and credit qualified to be accepted onto a Big Affiliate Network, third party in-house solutions will sell their software to anyone. Affiliates know this and they trust the quality controls big networks set in place to ensure they will GET PAID!

2. Affiliates have to be vetted and qualified to be accepted into a big affiliate network, in-house affiliate software applications do not do this!

3. Affiliates especially super affiliates are not going to find your in-house affiliate program and they are not going to have hundreds of separate merchant account logins when they can easily sign up for merchants with ONE login to the big networks. Your company cannot compete with the big networks presence at industry events as well as far as their technology offerings.

4. In the big affiliate networks the merchant has complete transparency as well as network legal and financial payment systems, also vetting safeguards in your in-house program you are on your own!

5. In the big affiliate networks you have internal network access to recruit hundreds of thousands of affiliates and approve them before they work with your brand, with an in-house affiliate program you have to hunt for them outside of your software your self and hope your email gets through to them.

There of course is a lot more to consider here.

If you want to hear it from a super affiliate check out this blog post that goes over additional details shout out to Syed who knows what he is talking about!

If you have launched your own party and no one has shown up reach out to us at so we can go over the real parties your brand should be attending...


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