The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC® affiliate program in ShareaSale and Linkshare

A Mattress is likely the most used piece of furniture in a house. The average person is asleep almost a third of their lifetime, thats a lot of time spent in bed! A mattress can also set the tone of the day for example:

A firm and supportive mattress will have a person well rested and ready for anything life has in store for them.

While an old and indented mattress has the person waking up grumpy with an achy body, even feeling very sleepy or sick. has a hybrid mattress that is scientifically engineered to fulfill every requirement to experience perfect sleep.

Affiliates and Influencers this is a great marketing for engaging your traffic. Everyone sleeps on a mattress and wants to have a great sleep! Use this idea to help boost your commissions as an affiliate.

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The Affiliate Program in Linkshare and ShareaSale has a high paying commision. Here are the details:

Program Commission Tiers

$50 per sale Baseline

$100 per sale for Super Performers

$200 commission on items that are $1,099 and up before discount. offers free shipping and the best sleep guaranteed – 100 Night Free Trial offer! This is great content to convert your traffic! With lots of media, banners and coupon text links updated frequently this is an active Affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Description:

Convenience – Free shipping to your door. Best sleep guaranteed – 100 Night Free Trial. Our product offering is a premium hybrid mattress, stylish foundation and an adjustable base – all available in the tradition bed sizes. We offer you the opportunity for our affiliate and influencer partners to earn $50 for every sale that comes from your affiliate links!


90 days

PPC Bidding:

  • Yes direct linking ok

  • Use of domain in display url ok

  • Please do not bid on our trademark terms, go after long tail terms!

  • Social media + bloggers allowed

  • Email affiliates must have double opt in SPAM/ACT compliant lists

The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC® affiliate program in ShareaSale and Linkshare is being managed by the HPC Affiliate Management team, if you have questions please contact your affiliate manager at

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