Welcome New HPC Management Inc Vice President Nate Beal!

We are excited to have an another industry veteran on our affiliate management team - welcome Nate to the HPC Affiliate Management team! If you are a merchant interested in discussing affiliate management as well as affiliate management launch in the big networks please feel free to reach out to our Vice President Nate Beal! Nate@HPCManagement.co

Q and A HPC Management Inc - Vice President Nate Beal

Q. What got you into affiliate marketing:

A. Growing up on the westside of Michigan, I had always wanted to move to Chicago. I knew I wanted to be in marketing due to my love of building relationships between people. This was 2006, so places like linkedin and indeed didn't exist just yet. I found a job posting on Craigslist of all places and believed I had the skills needed for the company, which turned out to be ShareASale. I'll never forget my interview where I was in a suit and Brian Littleton, then CEO, was in shorts and flip-flops. We it it off immediately and soon after, I was in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

Q. What what is like working at ShareASale?

A. I loved it from day one. We had such a dynamic team over the years and I learned so much working with people like Brian, Dave Zelken, Sarah Beeskow, Carolyn Tang, and many more. We were truly like a family, even as we grew. I'm very proud of the skills and knowledge I acquired from the great minds I worked with. I will always look back on my days there fondly.

Q. When your talking to merchant what are the qualification factors that make them a good fit as a client for HPC Management Inc?

A. I look for Merchants who have quality products and are ambitious, but at the same time have specific needs in affiliate marketing that our team at HPC Management can help with.

Q. Ok we have to ask what is your favorite color?

A. Blue, it's a positive color. I have blue eyes, so do my two girls. It's a color associated well with happy memories.

Q. If you could let anyone new to affiliate marketing know 2 things what would those 2 things be?

A. First, affiliate marketing takes work. An affiliate or merchant can't just come in and expect cash to come start flowing in without doing anything. You have to work at the different parts of a program on a daily basis to find success. Secondly, you will not meet better people than those in the affiliate marketing industry. There is always someone there to help out, listen, or give advice when you need them. It is a fantastic community to be a part of.

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