Difference Between: Affiliates - Ambassadors - Influencers

What is the difference between an affiliate, an ambassador, and an influencer? Apparently we have some channel terminology confusion with the newbies in the affiliate marketing industry so we thought we would help clear this up!

Please look at the graphic above!

1. Affiliates earn a commission on a sale they bring to a merchant or paid per lead ..

2. An Ambassador is paid to endorse a brand (normally a single Brand as a representative).

3. Influencer is someone who is paid either a commission on a sale or via paid placement and given free products in social to influence their own traffic into making a purchase decision.

As an affiliate management agency we get asked this question all the time by merchants who are interested in increasing their sales with affiliate marketing. We here at HPCManagement.co primarily work with affiliates who are paid on a CPA (Cost per acquisition or action) basis. We do not negotiate PAID placement that is PAID advertising. There are actually many influencer networks whom act as affiliate partners and they pay their influencers like affiliates so it can get a little confusing.

Affiliates are best managed in large networks NOT in-house networks! Larger networks such as Rakuten, PepperJam, Commission Junction, ShareaSale are worth the expenditure. It is also advisable you speak with a professional consultant or agency such as us so we can give you help you decide what avenue is best for you to allocate your brand budget.

There is a very big difference between an affiliate, ambassador, or influencer as well as managing and leveraging these relationships. If you have questions feel free to reach out to HPCManagement.co

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