Why Big Advertising Agencies Don't Succeed with Managing Affiliate Programs!

Being nimble, agile, quick to delivery with fresh media is why affiliate management Agencies beat out big advertising agencies managing affiliate programs in the affiliate marketing space.. every...single...time!

Affiliate Marketing Demands an Understanding of Tech and Advertising not Just Advertising!

I recently checked out the affiliate programs for 3 of the largest consumer fashion brands online, I slapped my forehead when I saw the deplorable media lineup in the network for their affiliate partners to work with.

Advertising Agencies are not Affiliate Management Agencies

1. In 1 of the fashion brands affiliate program (One of the largest online shoe companies on the planet) They had 5 text links (OLD links, all siloed to the home page) and logo banner's (Just their logo) that was in fact their OLD logo from 4 years ago.. Wow! Nothing else, nothing to assist their affiliates as far as marketing material and the old logo's were hurting their brand image in the channel.

2. In another one of the largest brands they had 10 banners and 8 text links, nothing evergreen and no offers or promotions or specific categorical drill down as far as linking strategies to funnel traffic to categories or specific high AOV products. There wasn't a datafeed so nothing as far as specific product linking abilities for affiliates.. sigh.

3. Within the 3rd large brands affiliate program they had were branded banners nothing else (No offer, no call to action, no promotion, no incentive for consumer, linked only to the home page) just their logo and a pretty picture. The affiliates won't pick up this media because they know it wont convert sales for them, big loss for this merchant !

Evergreen Rotational Banners - KW Injected Coupon Offers - Direct Linking to high AOV products to increase affiliates commissions - Datafeed Inclusions - media strategies that drive sales!

I wasn't shocked, in my 20 year career as an affiliate program manager and affiliate management agency owner I actually see this all the time... When these big brands call me for a consultation and I go over this issue of affiliate media delivery with them in this channel they start to get the picture of why their affiliate program was never scaling properly under the direction of a giant agency who had no understanding of the affiliate channel and who wasn't nimble enough to quickly get super affiliates custom promotional media..

Affiliate marketing is my passion so it is a lip biter for me when I see a brand I love being mismanaged, I just want to fix it and see those numbers fly up!!

You hire a press agent to do press, you hire a PR firm to do PR, you hire a brand agency to develop and manage your brand and you hire an affiliate management agency to manage your affiliate program.. Simple.. Hyper specialists are just that, hyper specialized!

Let me know if you would like me to scan your program email me here...

Examples of our media we develop for our clients as well as additional info below

NOTE: Did you know we SEO optimize our text links not for your website (Network links are not spidered) but we optimize for the affiliates site. When the affiliate pulls in your text links from the network via an API, their content is optimized we make sure of it!! Have a question? Let me know!

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