PPC Affiliate Partners - Direct Linking Affiliate Programs!

Our affiliate managers work with PPC affiliates and PPC Partner agencies who market as affiliate partners from all over the world. One of our largest PPC affiliates has a team that floats between Turkey, Germany, and London. This PPC affiliate is one of the largest PPC affiliates in the industry and they built their own algorithm to find long tail terms and niche keywords that bring in a high conversion rate for the merchant at a low cost per click for their efforts. This merchant only paid commission on a sale so they ended up just handing over their whole PPC campaigns to this affiliate and saved money as well as had an expert team managing their search via affiliate marketing. This mega PPC affiliate uses direct linking in Google Adwords and Bing.

We understand the importance of allowing PPC affiliates to direct link their traffic using affiliate links in their Google ads right to the merchants product pages and website. This way our merchant controls the traffic conversion and there is no brand confusion or a "hop" page in between the traffic and the brand, this lessons the funnel process to a sale for the affiliates traffic and this increases the conversion rate for a merchant.

Many of our international affiliate PPC partners focus on USA traffic, we know when our affiliate managers are vetting affiliate applications what to look for as far as a good PPC partner. We also know not to discriminate against country of origin for an affiliate as many of our affiliate partners might be registered in other countries though they market for the USA consumer.

It helps when the leadership at your company such as HPCManagement.co has a 3 time Google certified Adwords professional who taught PPC marketing to PPC Classroom and whom also worked at Microsoft on the ISEM team managing over $20 million SEM budget. We understand PPC marketing which is why we love working with PPC affiliate partners.

If your a PPC affiliate check out the affiliate programs we manage that allow direct linking as well as use of domain in display URL.


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