AgilityBed Affiliates and Influencers - 4th Of July Sale!

A good night's sleep is a crucial element for a healthy and happy life. An old, unsupportive mattress can bring about a slew of problems like back pains, headaches and a grumpy demeanor. One of the biggest problems with an old mattress is sagging. Once a smooth flat surface after years of use can become indented in shape of the sleeper! Folks can wake up stiff and sore and some might not even know that the mattress is the problem.

AgilityBed Affiliates and Influencers we have some great marketing ideas for you this Summer. This can be some great content for your Blogs, newsletters or Social Media.

It could be time to replace your mattress if?

  • You wake up with a stiff neck or back

  • You had enough sleep, but your still tired

  • The Mattress is squeaking and creaking

  • The Mattress has a noticeable sag or indent

  • You don't even remember when you bought your mattress 8, 10 years ago…

Its a big decision and investment to purchase a mattress and AgilityBed knows that. It's why they have a 100 night Free trial, along with Full 1-Year Warranty and a Limited 10 Year Warranty.

Affiliates and Influences share these Sale ideas with our Fourth Of July Summer Coupon:

$150 off any mattress with Coupon Code FOURTH - shop now!

Coupon Valid Now until July 9, so share it quickly and frequently.

Here is the Affiliate Program commission break down for those interested in joining the AgilityBed Affiliate program in ShareaSale:

Program Commission Tiers

$50 per sale Baseline

$100 per sale for Super Performers

$200 per sale for our super performers!


90 days

PPC Bidding:

  • Yes direct linking ok

  • Use of domain in display url ok

  • Please do not bid on our trademark terms, go after long tail terms!

  • Social media + bloggers allowed

  • Email affiliates must have double opt in SPAM/ACT compliant lists

The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC® affiliate program in ShareaSale is being managed by the HPC Affiliate Management team, if you have questions please contact your affiliate manager at


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