FREE Gratitude Journal Contest for Nuvanna Affiliates in ShareaSale!

Free Gratitude Journal to the First 50 Nuvanna Affiliates in ShareaSale who bring in a sale in July! Being grateful is something that helps us appreciate our lives and the people whom we interact with. Nuvanna would like to thank their affiliate partners by offering a free gratitude journal to the first 50 affiliates in ShareaSale who bring in a sale in the month of July 2018. This summer is in the midway and we know that consumers are searching for a Mattress that keep them cool and comfortable while they sleep. We appreciate the affiliate partners that took our new summer campaign and ran with it bringing in tons of traffic for Nuvanna! If you have not signed up yet to become a Nuvanna affiliate in ShareaSale you can do so here. Let your HPC Affiliate Management team know if you would like custom vanity code or other customized media to get you moving forward in July. We are grateful for our affiliate partners! Good luck we are excited to send you a FREE Gratitude Journal from Nuvanna!


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