Nest Bedding® Storyline Video’s for Affiliates in LinkShare

Hey Affiliate and Influencers have you seen Nest Bedding® storyline video’s they are so cute! Your traffic will love them.

The videos are artistically made and very intriguing. Our top favorites are the Super Sleeper, where a resting women's dreams take her through a space adventure. The Galactic saga is narrated by via song from artist Justin Houchin and features the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress and Easy Breathe Pillow from NestBedding®.

And Princess Sleepy in The Search For The Best Mattress In All The Land. This is an animated “live” drawn cartoon which goes through the process of how a mattress can cost more with the extra costs of a store front and middle men. With a happy ever after coming when Prince Rest-A-Lot saves the day by introducing the Princess to NestBedding® and factory direct shipping.

These videos are great marketing material to help convert your summer traffic. Html versions of this video are available on linkshare. Add the video to your blog, newsletters or social media to boost your commission as an Nest Bedding® Affiliate. Let them know that Nest Bedding® is the best online mattress company, factory direct pricing and a wide selection of Organic, Non toxic,beds and bedding made in the USA!

Nest Bedding® Features organic, natural and certified bedding and mattresses, presented in a low-overhead business model. Nest Bedding® proudly represents brands and products produced by Americans, good quality and even better pricing.

We proudly offer our LinkShare affiliate partners a 10% - 12% Commission on a 365 day cookie! PPC direct linking is approved, PPC use of domain in display URL approved. (No bidding on branded terms, hit the long tail!) We have video media as well as are offering phone sales commission!

  • 10% Commission 12% For Super Performers

  • Nest Bedding® Organic | Non toxic | Made in the USA

  • High AOV above $650

  • Promotions, Holiday Media, Coupons - Media that CONVERTS

  • PHONE SALES Commission!

  • 365 day cookie!

  • Datafeed in PopShops

  • Video media

  • FMTC - Yes we are in!

  • PPC: Yes direct linking, yes display url, no brand term bidding

If you are an affiliate or influencer and are interested in earning commissions with Nest Bedding® please sign up on one of the following affiliate networks LinkShareor ShareaSale

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