Summer - Pools, Spa's and Pets with Smarthome Affiliate Program

Everyone loves their pets, to some furry friends are more like family. Smarthome has some great new home tech options for Pet Lovers!

These technologically advanced products can help feed, play, and interact with their pets.

On the top of our Pet essentials are a Endura Flap Pet Door. This is the top of the line pet door, made to last “forever.” No more Leaks, pet pinching or blowing open with this one. Its great to give your pet the freedom to come and go, without you opening the door for them. Their freedom equals your freedom!

If you have a strictly indoor pet then the PetNovations CatGenie Self-Cleaning Automated Litter Box is definitely an essential. It Acts Like a Cat Box, Cleans Like an Appliance and Flushes Like a Toilet! This is a revolutionary Self-cleaning, automatic litter box has no litter to scoop, touch or change. A dream come true! The CatGenie Self-Cleaning Litter Box connects to your bathroom or laundry room water line to flush cat waste out of your house. It automatically washes, sanitizes and dries your pet's bathroom area to leave it dust, odor, and germ free.

Pets moving around the house could trigger home security and to help with that problem there is the Visonic 85 lb Pet Immune Digital Motion Detector. This product keeps your home secure while allowing pets to move freely anywhere in the House. Using Visonic's patented "Target Specific Imaging" optical system and unique pet identification software algorithm, the K9-85 has the capacity to reliably distinguish between human bodies and pets weighing up to 85lb. It is compatible with PowerMax and all Visonic PowerCode wireless panels and receivers.

Keep an eye on your pets while your out with Arlo wireless HD Security Camera Kit, Includes base station + 3 Cameras. Curious what your cat or dog are up to all day while your out? Use the Arlo camera for pet monitoring. This one is a motion detector too, so check on your pets while they are on the move.

And of course the Neato Robotics 9450179 Botvac High-Performance Vacuum. This high-performance robotic vacuum is ideal for homes with Pets. It features a combo brush that is uniquely designed to pick up pet hair. Your pet might even enjoy interacting with this quiet robotic vacuum.

These products help make life a lot more convenient for humans and your pers will appreciate that too.

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