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Nuvanna Affiliates and Influencers its summer time and with the weather heating up its important to have cool mattress. Trying to get a good night's rest in a bed thats too hot can be difficult, tossing and turning in the summer heat… no thanks. Sign up here!

Nuvanna has an awesome mattress with 3 layers for comfort, cooling and support!

The 1st layer has innovative phase changing gel particles, which disperse heat to keep a body cool.

The second layer absorbs motion so occupants aren't disturbed with movement on the bed.

The third layer features progressive support, so that you never experience a “sinking feeling” that is common with foam mattresses.

This Unique 3 layer foam mattress by Nuvanna is designed to provide comfort for all weights, sizes, and sleep positions. The Nuvanna Mattress is built for the active individual, to help rejuvenate and recover with a restful night sleep

Affiliates this is great marketable ideas for you to share with your Summer traffic! Share it with the Coupon code SUMRBED10 for 10% off any Mattress

good 4/12/18 - 8/31/18 for a boost in your commision!

If you have yet to sign up for the Nuvanna Affiliate program do so here!

Commission: Base 7%

Super Affiliates 20% (Contact HPC team)

Cookie 30 days

PPC Rules

Direct linking ok

Deep linking ok

Here’s to a great start for Summer!


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