Unitrac™ Affiliate Marketing Technology Development

Memorial day weekend is coming up and many of us will be having an amazing time with friends and family. Our team is redeveloping a technology application we call unitrac™ that we had built before. I will be more then likely working over the weekend on this project with a big smile on my face.

unitrac™ is my passion it has been for many moons and it is in essence a gift to the affiliate marketing community. A community that I have spent well over 16+ years in with growing many relationships that feel like family.

It is in our power to invoke the passions we have in our work product to explore potentialities that can offer us growth and bring about new prospects of community organization. Relationships in affiliate marketing are what we honor most, and with the development of unitrac™ we as a company as well as a team will have more power in ensuring these relationships are strengthened and honored.

I will post here as soon as we get to beta on this, we will announce here when we are close. Stay tuned and blessings on your weekend - have fun and be safe out there!

Warmest Regards,

Heather Paulson

#affiliatetech #unitrac

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